KUNTARCHITECTURE EROTOPIA (KUNTARCH 穴建築) is an architectural ensemble aggregated during the sloppy years at the UTS architecture school.  KUNTARCH concerns heterotopic space, that points to an alternative spatial agenda of the wombic and yonic archetype.  KUNTARCH’s work cross contaminates the realms of built form, fine art, installations, and low-brow art mediums.

The womb and the female genital is the first spatial experience for any human being.  KUNTARCH stands for a return to the cavernous as the ultimate architectural truth.  The female organs are both nurturing constructs and subjects of erotic fantasies.  This duality of motherly qualities and the erotic idea grinds up against each other and creates frictional interest of the return to the womb.  Throughout history, it can be said that the practice of architecture had been carried out as an act of ‘nest’ building, an end product built to solely serve its inhabitants concerning a majority functionalist regime.  Rejecting that, KUNTARCH returns to the nostalgic ‘womb’ as the ultimate spatial archetype that is to be experienced in way that is in opposition to conventional spatial and experiential constructs.