prsntprsnt deals with the ephemerality and duration of art and art curation.  Carrying out research and ideation through spontaneous happenings as a format in non-generic and heterogenous spatial fields and conditions.  Although short spanned, the residual effects of the moment are not short lived.


Forward thinking curatorial and research entity focusing on the contemporary condition, the here and now, and alternative methods to disseminate visual culture.

Focuses on the spontaneousness of art making, the ephemerality of art and its social agency, not as a product for consumption of the elite but as entropy for ideation.

Prioritizes experimentation over academic and political correctness.

Oppose corporate, uncurated, generic, and commerically driven exhibition formats, in which spaces are optimized for volume over meaning.

A non-commercially oriented agenda in which meaning is prioritized before the market. 

Resist the ever-increasingly schizophrenic world through the manifestation of a heterogeneous and rhizomic project space.  

 An artist-led environment/commune encouraging experimental and diverse artistic practices.

Embrace the exchange between technology and non-technology, and its potential to radically change the interface between consciousness, reality, and artistic experience as oppose to being reduced to a mere retinal aesthetic effect.